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- Preparation, control and adjustment of technological processes
- Pre-repair and repair fault detection
- Documentation design according to ESKD, ESTD: norms and specifications, sketches and drawings, snagging lists, test programs, notes and instructions, route sheets, dimension reports, shaft alignment reports, technical condition reports, SPTA set lists, picklists, knotting-and-splicing calculations, standard piece time design
- Accessory design
- Shaft alignment: propulsion machinery, deck machinery, auxiliary engines, e-motors, compressors
Extensive ship repair experience of projects 97АП, 97П, 266МЭ, 419, 498, 561, 667Б, 714, 737К, 745П, 871, 872, 877, 949А, 1124М, 12341, 1258, 1265, 1275, 1388, 1505, 1511, 1780, 1783А, 1791Р, 18061, 1896, 04983, 05360, 17994, 19371(У).
Experienced in repair of:
- deck machinery and equipment (chocks, guard rails, capstans, anchor windlasses, hinge joints);
- lifting machinery (floating cranes ПК-35050, ПК-62100, КПД-5/3,2, КПД-20/12,5, crane beams, winches);
- shaft lines (in combination with main engines and units like 3Д6, 3Д12, NVD36, NVD48, М504Б, М507А, 6ЧНСП23/30, 6AL25/30, 6ZL40/48, ДРА-210Б, ДРА-450);
- auxiliary machinery (diesel engines with/without gear boxes М848, М875А, К159М2, 7Д6, 7Д12, diesel-generating units ДГР-200/I, ДГРА-100/1500-ММ, ДГР-300/1500, ДГН-300, generators ГМС 13-41-12, МСК 83-4, МСК 103-4, МСК 113-4, МСКМ 92-4, МСС 250-500, МСС 375/500-750, П71М, П81М, ПГ-1000/750М, GGED, electric motors ДПМ-42, ДПМ-62, АН series, ДМШ series, МАП series, AHLL series, DHOK series, KWS series, propulsion motors ПГ-147, 2ПГ-950/170М, АКМ 113-6, mSSf-280-S4, air compressors ЭК-2/150, ЭК-3, ЭК-30А, ЭК-30А-1, 2ОК1, ЭКПА-2/150, 1ЭКПВ-15/150, ЭКСА-25-1, acetylene compressors КА-5, pumps СД series, НЦВС series, ЭСН-16, IIД-10).
- Advanced PC user.
- Work freely with KOMPAS-3D, NanoCAD, Microsoft Office Suite and similar office software.
- Work with "1С:Enterprise" software in terms of determining the presence of material base for carrying out specific works, prompt notification of adjacent structures.
- Solve issues in workplace.
- Successfully perform tasks in the conditions of lack of design documentation, norms and specifications.
- Actively and successfully interact with adjacent structures, contractors, Quality Control Agency of the Ministry of Defence.
- Versed in industry standards, specifications.
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