Financial analyst

22 мая, 2020
Financial analyst

Ensuring correct accounting records, timely updating of data in corporate systems and reports in accordance with the requirements set by the head office.

Implementing and updating the group's accounting policy requirements.

Preparation of the budget / plan, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

Analyze and report discrepancies between actual data and the budget.

Participation in the development and implementation of long-term financial and accounting projects and company policies.

Accurate and timely preparation of reports for external and internal users.

Checking and approval of costs and revenues for the project.

Cash flow management.

Understanding of accounting principles, budgeting process, financial statements (BS, CF, PNL) and their preparation.

Budget spending control and cost management.

Preparation of IFRS monthly financial statements .

Preparation of consolidated financial statements (>30 companies in group) for 2010, 2011, 2012.

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Financial analyst

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Financial analyst

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