looking for a job HR manager

2 апреля, 2020
looking for a job HR manager

If you really need a qualified specialist, then pay attention to my resume. Do not be embarrassed by my age, I will tell you, both as HR and as a psychologist, for a woman after 50 years, life is just beginning!

Since all difficulties are already over; - received a decent education, life and professional experience, the children are already adults. That is, you can completely give yourself to work. A woman after 50 years old has already taken place both as a woman and as a professional. As for me, I have everything: a good family, wonderful adult children, 2 higher education, and extensive experience in working with human resources, a good house, a car. Choosing my candidacy, you will only win, as, I, pathological honors pupil, with great organizational skills and leadership qualities, got used to doing my job for 5+.

Excellent knowledge of the legislation in the field of civil and labor law. Skills of office work of a department of shots, a selection of personnel, and management of the personnel.

Personal qualities: vigor, responsibility, discipline and ability to work for results, dedication and persistence, ability to work both in a team and individually, initiative.


Head of Human Resources Department - 09/2012 to 10/2019


Personnel management, trainings. Development of staff

Selection, motivation, certification and assessment of personnel

Development of personnel policy of the company.

Reception, dismissal and transfer of employees. Preparation of an adaptation plan (induction plan) for an employee - socialization, primary education

Supervision and evaluation of individual employee actions during the trial period. Development of job descriptions.

Development and implementation of the personnel assessment system (individual evaluation surveys, certification in electronic form, analysis of results).

Organization of personnel development activities

Preparation of documents on pension insurance and social security for employees. Keeping track of time.

Control over the fulfillment of the schedules of holidays and labor.

Head of Human Resources Department - 02/1992 to 08/2012


Developed succession plans and promotion paths for all staff.

Development and implementation of personnel policy in accordance with the goals and strategy of the company's development

Creation of a full-fledged human resources service

Maintenance of personnel management

Management of the development, impleme

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looking for a job HR manager

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looking for a job HR manager

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