Social Media Specialist

15 июля, 2019
Social Media Specialist

You must have strong analytical skills, be aware of performance indices of each SMM tool, know how to forecast the achieving of targets and quickly realign your activity if the result doesn’t justify the forecast.


Elaborate and implement social media development strategies;

Build core processes and infrastructure;

Create and promote the content;

Initiate and manage joint projects with public opinion influencers;

Analyse the performance of all activities.


Ability to develop strategies and communication models, as well as to set up goals and projects’ KPI on the background of key business objectives;

Comprehension of content distribution principles in social networks, expertise in work with various platforms, experience of cooperation with influential bloggers, copywriters and designers;

Ability to work with reports and analytics;

Management of official ad campaigns;

Editorial and writing skills are required;

Active imagination and initiative, combined with self-discipline, precision and efficiency;

Daily community management and development in social media;

Fluent Russian and English languages;

Over 2 years of work experience in social media.

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Телефон: 6047001697

Сайт рекламодателя: https://yellowimages.com

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Social Media Specialist

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Social Media Specialist

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